Plastic & Flooring Fabrication

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Supplying Toronto & Hamilton since 1999

Lexan Polycarbonate sheets. 3M science applied to life. Makrolon Polycarboante sheets. Acrylite plexiglass sheets. Plaskolite acrylic sheets.
Custom acrylic lipstick stands. Clear plexiglass magazine rack. Ice cream scoops stands. Abstract art pieces. Medium size brochure rack.
Any Vinyl, Engineered and Hardwood flooring formed into: Stair Treads, Stair Nosing’s, Transitions and Vents.
Vinyl stair nosings made to order.
Bullnose staircase coverings.
We form stair treads, stair nosing's, stair coverings, transitions, t-molds and vents out of any vinyl plank flooring (LVP), engineered and hardwood. Now your stairs and registers can match the rest of your floors with our in-house fabrication process. Bring us your vinyl and wood planks. We will cut, melt and glue your boards into perfectly matching flooring products. For more information click here.

Vinyl registers
Vinyl open stairs
Hardwood registers

Hardwood newel posts
Hardwood open stairs
Railings, posts and stairs

Supplier of plexiglass sheets, acrylic sheets and other plastics. Services include: plastic fabrication and acrylic fabrication.

We make display cases, aquariums and everything in between. Stock materials include Acrylic, Plexiglass, Lexan, Makrolon, Polycarbonate, Lucite and Styrene sold cut to size. Follow the link above for a quick quote on your lego castle display case, fish tank, brochure rack, sign holder or plexiglass sheets. We also have in house vinyl cutting and printing.

Custom plastic fabrication
Custom plastic display
Do you have an item you need designed and fabricated out of plastic? We can help. For over 20 years we have been making custom bins, counter displays, model displays, cosmetic displays, lego display cases, plexiglass sign holders and more.
Aquariums and fish tanks.
Are looking for a custom aquarium at a competitive price? Look no further. We've been manufacturing fish tanks for over 20 years and are the original wall aquarium supplier in North America. Our specialty tanks have been featured on several shows including "Extreme Makeover Home Edition".
Stock plastic sheets
Stock plastic pieces.
We stock a wide variety of materials including clear and colored Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Lexan®, Makrolon®, Plexiglass and Styrene.
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Recommended materials
Generally a clear display will be made out of Plexiglass (extruded acrylic). If it needs to be impact resistant, Lexan (Polycarbonate) is recommended however the joints and edges will not be as attractive as acrylic. A pedestal for the display is usually made out of white or black PVC. PVC has a nice matte finish and is the most economical option. A glossy alternative is acrylic. Cast acrylic is harder than extruded acrylic and that's why it's used for fish tanks.

  Plexiglass® Acrylite® Lucite®  
  Lexan® Cast Acrylic Extruded Acrylic  
  Bullet Resistant Fluorescent Clear, Colored, Tinted  
  High Impact Mirrored Non Glare  

Servicing Toronto & Hamilton Ontario

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